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Robert C. Jones

This photo was taken in either October 1968 or May 1969 (?). The names are (L-R): SSgt. Robert C. Jones, MSgt. Clarence R. "Bob" Wine, SSgt. Connie Curtis, MSgt. Herbert C. "Duke" Gregory, TSgt. Donald F. Wonders and TSgt. Lester J. Shatz. They were all TDY to Shemya from the 55th SRW, A&E Maintenance Squadron at Offutt AFB in Omaha, NE. Those not included in this photo that also went TDY to Shemya from the same 55th SRW squadron in support of Rivet Amber were TSgt. Hervey Hebert, TSgt. Charles F. Dreher and SSgt. Robert W. Fox.

N. Taylor

Chuck Dreher II
Hi Res

Chuck Dreher II
Hi Res

The painting above was commissioned by Chuck Dreher II in memory of his father (T/Sgt. Charles F. Dreher). Chuck, along with his mother and two sisters are holding the painting at a dedication ceremony on Memorial Day 2003. 

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