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G. Krieg & R. Tsuda
Hi Res

This is a photo of the original Nancy Rae Team that deployed to Shemya on New Years eve, 1961. The photo was taken inside hangar #2 shortly after arrival with Nancy Rae (59-1491) in the background.

Standing L-R:
1- S/Sgt. Ted Roth
2- T/Sgt. Billy Simeroth
3- Name ?
4- T/Sgt Ed Litavic
5- S/Sgt Tom Warford
6- T/Sgt. Earl Beach
7- Capt. Jim Taylor
8- Capt. Tom Nason
9- Capt. Joe Wojcik
10- Maj. Joe Derie
11- Maj. Neil McCulley
12- Col. Webster Plourd
13- Capt. John Davey
14- Maj. David M. Critchlow
15- l/Lt. Lary Wilson
16- Maj. Reid Hoisington
17- S/Sgt. Frank Finlayson
18- Name ?
19- S/Sgt. Bruce Stockholm
20- Capt. Walter Smith
21- Name ?
22- Capt. George Krieg

Sitting L-R:
23- T/Sgt. Al Fleury
24- T/Sgt. Sam Viola
25- T/Sgt. Dick Tsuda
26- T/Sgt. Doug Ward (rear)
27- M/Sgt. Albert Sokinas
28- T/Sgt. Fred Hoffman
29- T/Sgt. Jim Michaels
30- T/Sgt. Jack Halbirt
31- Mr. Pete Branscom
32- T/Sgt. Bill Miller
33- T/Sgt John McDuffie
34- M/Sgt. Arley Predmore
35- S/Sgt Louie Lovato
36- T/Sgt. Bieberly
37- S/Sgt. Bill O'Keefe
38- A1C Robert Davis
39- S/Sgt. Roger Barnett
40- Name ?
41- Capt. Irvin Hosie

G. Krieg & R. Tsuda
Hi Res

This is a photo of the original officers assigned to the Nancy Rae team.

Standing L-R:
Capt. Tom Nason
Capt. Walter Smith (EWO)
Capt. Joe Wojcik (EWO)
Capt. Jim Taylor (TC)
Col. Webster Plourd (Project Manager)
Capt. John Davey (Pilot)
1/Lt. Lary Wilson (MT)
Maj. Joe Derie (EWO)
Name ?

Kneeling L-R:
Capt. Irvin Hosie (EWO)
Capt. George Krieg (SM)
Maj. Reid Hoisington (Nav or Pilot ?)
Maj. David M. Critchlow (Pilot)
1/Lt. Name ?
Maj. Neil McCulley (Nav)

G. Krieg & R. Tsuda
Hi Res

Nancy Rae Team (1962)

Standing L-R:
T/Sgt. John Mc Duffie (Photog)
Capt. Tom Nason
1/Lt. Lary Wilson (MT)
Capt. Jim Taylor (TC)
Capt. George Krieg (SM)

Kneeling L-R:
T/Sgt. Al Fleury (Photog)
T/Sgt. Fred Hoffman (Photog)
S/Sgt. Tom Warford
Mr. Pete Branscom (Photo Maint. Extraordinaire)
S/Sgt. Frank Finlayson (Photog)

R. Tsuda

Nancy Rae (1962)

Standing L-R:
Major Joe Derie
Capt Joe Wojcik
Capt Walt Smith
Capt Irvin Hosie. 

Kneeling L-R:
T/Sgt Bill Simeroth
T/Sgt Jim Michaels
S/Sgt Ted Roth
T/Sgt Dick Tsuda

R. Bozeman
Hi Res

Det-1, 4157th SW

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