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Best Aviation Sites
Best Aviation Sites
Best Aviation SitesBest Aviation SitesAwarded to quality aviation information websitesBest Aviation Sites
Best Aviation SitesBest Aviation Sites
Best Aviation Sites is the premier independent airplane related site on the internet that honors and awards the best aviation sites on the internet! We are an independent site that honors aviation sites based on their relevant and accurate content and based on how much they are contributing to the aviation community. is an independent website that is based in the greater Edmonton area, Alberta , Canada . Our mission is to award the BEST Aviation websites on the Internet. There are a lot of really good sites out there in the aviation community and we want to make sure the good ones get rewarded.

The aviation community is very unique in that it is not a duty for most people who are passionate about it. Most of the people who have sites in the aviation community are passionate about flying in some capacity. Sure, some get paid to fly, fix airplanes, sell stuff on sites, exc. But a lot of people are just really passionate about various aspects of the aviation industry and to a large extent - the history of it as well.

If you would like to have one of our "Best Aviation Site" award logos on your site here is what you need to do:

To receive our prestigious award, the site has to:

1. Be reviewed by one of our editors.

2. Provide relevant and accurate information about the aviation topic the site is focused on.

3. Must add value to the online airplane community.

Profile Sites Of Some Award Winners:

Pioneer Air Lines

EAA Chapter 1467

SD Park Flyers


If you would like to nominate your site or another aviation site for this award, please simply email us at this email:

The reason that we focus on doing this is because we feel that there are a lot of sites in the aviation industry that are not being recognized for what they are doing & for the value that they are adding to the community. Not only that, were simply passionate about aviation and love flying.

General aviation is a very big part of our lives here at and we want to share that passion with others. So if you know of a site that you think could qualify for our award, let us know and we will have a look at that site and see if it fits within our guidelines.

One of the main things that we are looking for with sites that we give our award logo to is that they are in some way adding value to the aviation community. Usually that is reflected on the site that they have as well in the form of a blog, site updates or ongoing activity.

The great thing about general aviation is the fact that things are always changing and evolving! Over the last few years we have seen the rise of the Light Sport Aircraft classification which has enabled a lot of people to get airplanes who would have otherwise not been able to fly.

Not only that, with the recession that started around 2008 we have seen a drop in prices for used airplanes. That means buyers and prospective buyers are currently experiencing a massive once in a life time opportunity to buy airplanes that are very cheap. The chances are really good that once things with the economy normalize, prices will come back.

The other great transition we have seen is in the area of demographics. We have seen that even though baby boomers are getting older, there are still a lot of people coming up behind them who want to fly as well. That means another generation is going to be able to enjoy flying and general aviation as well.

So if you know of a site that we can recognize, please email us at

Lastly, some site owners have inquired about nominating their own sites for this award. If you feel that your site is a good site and adds some value to the aviation community online, then please email us a link to your site with some information about it and will gladly have a good look at your site.

If you have worked hard on creating a good aviation site, then you should be proud of your work and we would like to also have a look at what you have been doing and potentially reward you for your efforts.

The great thing about the aviation community online is the fact that there is so many different people willing to share such great information on their sites. This can include picture sites, airplane buying sites, war memory sites, military aviation sites, and everything else that falls under the theme "aviation".

We look forward to seeing your site!




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