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Patriot Guard Riders Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

“The Patriot Guard Riders is a 100% Volunteer, Federally registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization which ensures dignity and respect at memorial services honoring Fallen Military Heroes, First Responders and Honorably Discharged Veterans.”

Vision Statement:

The Patriot Guard Riders is a diverse amalgamation of riders from across the nation. We have one thing in common besides motorcycles. We have an unwavering respect for those who risk their very lives for America’s freedom and security including Fallen Military Heroes, First Responders and Honorably Discharged Veterans. If you share this respect, please join us.

We don’t care what you ride or if you ride, what your political views are, or whether you’re a hawk or a dove. It is not a requirement that you be a veteran. It doesn't matter where you’re from or what your income is; you don’t even have to ride. The only prerequisite is Respect.

Our main mission is to attend the funeral services of fallen American heroes as invited guests of the family. Each mission we undertake has two basic objectives:

    1.  Show our sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities.
Shield the mourning family and their friends from interruptions created by any protestor or group of protestors.

We accomplish the latter through strictly legal and non-violent means.

To those of you who are currently serving and fighting for the freedoms of others, at home and abroad, please know that we are backing you.  We honor and support you with every mission we carry out, and we are praying for a safe return home for all.

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Please contact your State Captain for all mission requests, except for Arlington National Cemetery(ANC).  Your State Captain, the ANC team, Moderators, and Contact teams, may be contacted through the following links.

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 The Patriot Guard Riders is proud to announce the PGR Flags in the Sand program. 

We can now furnish Patriot Guard Riders Flags to our troops in the Sand Box free of charge to them.  It will work similar to our Wounded Warrior Coins Program.  You may purchase a flag to be sent to a unit of your choice or any unit that has requested a PGR flag to display.  Once an order comes in for a PGR Flag, under this program, it will be sent to a unit, free of charge and shipped free, to a qualified APO/FPO.  You, the member purchaser, will pay only the regular price for the flag and you must provide the name and APO/FPO address for the point of contact that will receive it.  Flags will not be sent to the member purchaser.

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LDF Patch X- lrg.jpg

Patriot Guard Riders TDF Patch

We would like to offer a new TDF fundraiser in the form of the patch pictured here. For a minimum of a $10 donation, this patch will be delivered to you. We have purchased this patch directly and will distribute them the same way, ensuring that 100% of the proceeds go to fund the Patriot Guard Riders TDF Fund. To order, click on this link to PayPal TDF Patch ,
To check on your patch only, please contact


PGR Challenge Coins for Wounded Warriors

The PGR is proud to announce program available to all members to sponsor challenge coins that are being hand delivered to our soldiers that are recovering from injuries in the Critical Care VA facilities. If you would like to like to learn more about this unique opportunity to show your gratitude, follow this link:

National Communications and Updates from the Board of Directors

Please check the link below regularly for important information on policy and actions:


PGR Flag at Manas by bluzweb
Signed PGR Flag in the Customs holding area at Manas


 Submitting Photographs to the PGR Web Site Minimize

On your missions you may take photos and or videos with respect. Please respect the family and fallen hero by not photographing them, the casket, or the hearse, unless requested. Photos such as these, as well as those of "uninvited guests", will not be posted in the gallery in respect for our hero and the family.

  1. Send photos via a zipped file or as jpegs to
  2. Name the zipped file after the Fallen Hero, please include Rank.
  3. Please do not name the files in the zipped file the same as zipped files.
  4. Please include the following information: Fallen Hero's Name and Rank or Mission Name (i.e. Home Coming, etc.), Fallen Hero's Age (if known), City/State, Date of Mission.
  5. Do not send emails files over 10 MB in size.
  6. Photos should be sized to 640 pixels wide.
  7. Send video files (100 MB Maximum size allowed) to:
  8. If sending a CD or DVD, please mail it to:
    7126 S. Elm Ct
    Centennial, CO 80122

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Confirmed Mission Rides
SHORT NOTICE - Roy Lee Ferguson, 67, USA Veteran, Danville, VA, 22,23 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Carl C. Williams, USA, WWII Veteran, Tonkawa, OK, 21 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - David L. Watson, 82, USA, Korea Veteran, Muscatine, IA, 22,23 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE -Harold W. Hornsby, 67, USA Veteran / FF, Hamilton, OH, 22 AUG 13
1SG Terrance "Top" Irwin, USA (RET), Argyle, NY, 23 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE -Charles McDermitt, USMC Veteran / PGR Member, Garland, TX, 21 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - SMSgt Vincent Alan Murphy, 63, USAF, Gresham, Portland, OR, 21 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - P. "Guz" Guzman, USN, WWII Veteran, Fresno, CA, 20 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Edward Eugene Matteson, USN, Korean/Vietnam Veteran, El Reno, OK, 20 AUG 13
Four (4) American Heroes, Depew, NY, 06 SEP 13
SHORT NOTICE - John W. Haley, USN, WWII Veteran, North Tonawanda, NY, 22 AUG 13
Clem Stein, USA, WWII Veteran, Isanti, MN, 24 AUG 13
James Gary Ahlstrom, USA Veteran, Rush Valley, UT, 22 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Thomas H. Wise, USMC, WWII Veteran, Grand Junction, CO, 21 AUG 13
Gordon Allan Borre, USA Veteran, Elwood, IL, 22 AUG 13
Kenneth Charles Thomas, 78, USA Veteran, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, NM, 22 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - SFC Ernest Vigil, 75, USA (RET), El Paso, TX, 20,21 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Arthur "Turkey" Hurtado, 68, USA, Vietnam Veteran, Pena Blanca, NM, 20,21 AUG 13
Donald Dawson, USAF Veteran, Farmington, MO, 22 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Charles Eldon Prigmore, 94, USA, WWII Veteran / POW, Victorville, Riverside, CA, 21 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - American Heroes, Riverside, CA, 21 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Ted Harrison, USN Veteran, Troy, AL, 21 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Heber Delano Brewington, USN Veteran, St. Louis, MO, 21 AUG 13
Andrew Jackson "Jack" Creviston, 85, USN, WWII / Korea Veteran, Cypress, CA, 24 AUG 13
SFC Jimmie McKenzie, USA (RET) / USN, Vietnam Veteran, Manhattan, KS, 23 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Charles Stidham, Sr., 90, USAAC, WWII Veteran, Dallas, TX, 22 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Curtis Truitt, USN, WWII Veteran, Independence, MO, 21 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - CWO2 Nathaniel N. Riddick, USN/USA (RET), WWII, Korea, Vietnam Veteran, Carson, CA, 21 AUG 13
American Heroes, San Diego, CA, 22 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Jimmie L. Owens, 65, USA, Vietnam Veteran / LEO, Bushnell, IL, 21 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - CPO John Nicholas Hillesheim, 82, USN (RET), Korea / Vietnam Veteran, Northfield, NJ, 20 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Robert "Robbie" Phifer, USA, Bath, NY, 21 AUG 13
Alfred "Fred" Carroll, Sr., USA, Korea Veteran, Auburn, ME, 22 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Wilbur R. "Red" Harned, USAAC, WWII Veteran, Corry, PA, 20, 21 AUG 13
Michael R. Loper, USN (RET), Fayetteville, AR, 21 AUG 13
Gary Macleod, USA, Korea Veteran, San Bruno, CA, 23 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Don Stewart, USMC, Vietnam Veteran, Fremont, CA, 20 AUG 13
Carl Cummings, USMC / ANG Veteran, Brighton, Washington, IA, 21 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - SSG Charles Reed, USA (RET), Vietnam Veteran, Boise, ID, 21 AUG 2013
Dale E. Swanson, NG Veteran, Milltown, WI, 21 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Robert Jewett Twiss, USMC, WWII / Korea Veteran, Dallas, TX, 20 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Robert "Bob" Proctor, 66, USA, Vietnam Veteran, Grove City, Sarasota, FL, 20, 21 AUG 13
Robert Langford, USN Veteran, Glendale, Calverton, NY, 21 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Zachariah Lightning, USMC Veteran, Muskogee, OK, 20 AUG 13
William R. Jones, USN / USNR Veteran / PGR, Shawnee, KS, 21 AUG 13
Roy Thomas Cooke Jr., USA, Vietnam Veteran, Sedalia, MO, 21 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - Stanley F. Motyka, USAAC/USAF, WWII Veteran, Orchard Park, Bath, NY, 20 AUG 13
Frank Eugene Christoff, USN, Korea Veteran, Moberly, MO, 23 AUG 13
Cpl Juan Martin Rincon Macareno, Jr., USMC (AD), Houston, TX, 20 AUG 13
Jack L. Herring, USMC, Vietnam Veteran, Chehalis, WA, 24 AUG 13
Charles W. Barrett, USAF, Korea Veteran, Marietta, Canton, GA, 20 AUG 13
Warren R. Goodwin, USN, WWII Veteran, North Smithfield, Exeter, RI, 20 AUG 13
GySgt John R. Boden, 87, USMC (RET), WWII, Korea, Vietnam Veteran, Yorba Linda, Riverside, CA, 22 AUG 13
Eight (8) American Heroes, Rochester, NY, 06 SEP 13
Two (2) American Heroes, Sarasota, FL, 20 AUG 13
Joseph Dindino, USN, Vietnam Veteran, St Petersburg, FL, 24 AUG 13
Garlen Perry, USA Veteran, Shenandoah, IA, 20 AUG 13
Jack Morgan, USMC Veteran, Dallas, TX, 21 AUG 13
Georgia Gum, USN, OIF Veteran, Ottumwa, IA, 20 AUG 13
James "Ted" R. Parsons, 90, USMC, WWII Veteran, Amelia, OH, 19, 20 AUG 13
Orion John "OJ" (King) Silvernail, 59, USA Veteran, Maple Valley, WA, 30 AUG 13
Paul Conti, USN Veteran, Naples, FL, 26 AUG 13
MSgt Byron Lee Workman, 51, USAF (RET), OIF Veteran, Xenia, OH, 24 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - SSgt Ryan Austin, 25, USAF (AD), Knoxville, TN / Corbin, KY, 16, 19, 20 AUG 13
SGT Jamar A. Hicks, 22, Little Rock, AR, 21, 22, 23 AUG 13
SSG Octavio Herrera, 26, Caldwell, ID, 21, 23 AUG 13
James MacPherson, USN, WWII Veteran, Canton, CT, 24 AUG 13
Darl Wolett, USMC, Korea / Vietnam Veteran, Derby, IA, 24 AUG 13
LCpl Joshua Martinez, 25, USMCR (AD), OEF Veteran, Los Angeles, Altadena, Long Beach, CA, 12, 20 AUG 13
SHORT NOTICE - SPC Nickolas S. Welch, 26, Salem, Portland, OR, 17,18,25 AUG 13
Eleven (11) American Heroes, Bridgeville, PA, 23 AUG 13
Lyle A. Fritz, USN, Korea Veteran, Portland, OR, 21 AUG 13
Michael E. McClung, USMC, Vietnam Veteran, Oak Harbor, WA, 24 AUG 13
George Scott Reedal, USMCR Veteran, Quantico, VA, 29 AUG 2013
SSG Eric T. Lawson, Sr., 30, Auburn, Maple Valley, WA, 25, 26, AUG 13
LTC Jerry Lee Guthrie, USA (RET), Vietnam Veteran, Gloucester, VA, 05 JUL 13 / ANC 21 AUG 13

Canada Confirmed Mission Rides

Arlington National Cemetery
Making ANC Happen
Special ANC Considerations: Flags, etc
Confirmed - COL John A. Thomas, Jr., USA (RET), Springfield, VA, ANC, 22 AUG 13
Confirmed - LTC Jerry Lee Guthrie, USA (RET), Vietnam Veteran, Gloucester, VA, 05 JUL 13 / ANC 21 AUG 13

Memorial Missions
Memorial - For Whom The Bell Tolls - Portland, OR, 22 AUG 13
11Th Remembrance Ceremony & Memorial Dedication, Bremerton, WA, 11 SEP 13
Memorial - Wall That Heals Ceremony, Audubon, IA, 29,31 AUG 13
Memorial - Wall Of Remembrance Ceremony, Des Moines, IA, 22, 23 AUG 13
Memorial Service - Robert P. Thompson, Jr., USN Veteran, White Plains, NY, 07 SEP 13
Memorial - CPO Nicholas H. Null Bridge Dedication Ceremony, Parkersburg, WV, 23 AUG 13

Pending Mission Rides
SPC Keith E. Grace Jr., 26, Baytown, TX

Canada Pending Mission Rides

Welcome Home Rides     Help On The
  Homefront Rides
HOTH - Honor Flight, Appleton, WI, 05 SEP 13
SHORT NOTICE - HOTH - Forever Young Senior Wish, WWII Veterans, Memphis, TN, 21 AUG 13
HOTH - Honor Flight, Hannibal, MO, 29 AUG 13
HOTH - Honor Flight, Phoenix, AZ, 10,12 SEP 13
Welcome Home - 1st Brigade C. T. Fort Drum, NY, 20 AUG 13
HOTH - Wounded Warrior Escort, Washington, PA, 24 AUG 13
HOTH - Homeland Heroes Tribute Day, Moundsville, WV, 24 AUG 13
HOTH - Hudson Valley Honor Flight, Newburgh, NY, 21 SEP 13
HOTH - Cordes Lakes Days Event, Cords Lakes, AZ, 21 SEP 13
Send Off - SC National Guard Unit, 124th Engineer Company, Saluda, SC, 17,24 AUG 13
HOTH - Honor Flight, Columbia, MO, 26 AUG 13
HOTH - Chippewa Veterans Home Visit, Cornell, WI, 24 AUG 13

Recently Completed Missions
Carl Shipley, Jr., 61, USA, Vietnam Veteran, Portland, OR, 19 AUG 13
Thomas Milton Knapp, USAF Veteran, Centerville, IA, 19 AUG 13
James "Jim" Garland Ayers, USN, Korea Veteran, Lexington, NC, 19 AUG 13
Michael Eugene Brooks, 67, USA, Vietnam Veteran, Mooresville, NC, 19 AUG 13
Ralph Ciullo, USA, WWII Veteran, Coram, Sound Beach, NY, 18, 19 AUG 13
Dave Bertram, 50, USN Veteran, Somerset, KY, 19 AUG 13
DPCS Arvid "Arv" Koetitz, USN (RET), Maple Valley, WA, 19 AUG 13
William Robert Clark, II, 55, USA Veteran, Mason, OH, 19 AUG 13
Kent Eugene Manley, USN Veteran, Excelsior Springs, MO, 18, 19 AUG 13
Joe Mueller, USAF, Korea Veteran, Denison, TX / Calera, OK, 19 AUG 13
Leonard H. Scheuer, 83, USA, Korea Veteran, Richmond, MI, 19 AUG 13
CPL Juan Martin Rincon Macareno, Jr., USMC (AD), Bellaire, TX, 17 AUG 13
WELCOME HOME - 2/13th Unit, Ft. Huachuca, AZ, 19 AUG 13
Charles D. Fields, Jr., USN / USNR Veteran, London, KY, 17 AUG 13
Grant Word, USA, OIF Veteran, Whitney, TX, 17 AUG 13
LTC Victor Vaughn, USA (RET), Korea Veteran, Boise, ID, 19 AUG 13
Brian Kelly, 42, USMCR Veteran / LEO, Maple Valley, WA, 19 AUG 13
Robert D. Dawes, 73, USAF Veteran, Washington Court House, OH, 18,19 AUG 13
Carl C. Canup, USA, WWII Veteran, Kennesaw, Acworth, GA, 18 AUG 13
Steve Conner, USN, Vietnam Veteran / PGR, Claremore, OK, 19 AUG 13
Raymond Parker, USA Veteran, DeKalb, TX, 17 AUG 13
Marshall A. Jones, USN, WWII Veteran, Rockford, Amboy, IL, 16, 17 AUG 13
Herbert Eugene Boggs, 82, USMC, Korea Veteran, Cleveland, OH, 16, 17 AUG 13
POW/MIA Memorial Dedication and Remembrance Ceremony, Bridgwater, NJ 18 AUG 13
SGT Robert Harris, USA, WWII / Korea Veteran, Mankato, MN, 17 AUG 13
Steven Tomonovich, USA, Vietnam Veteran, Virginia, MN, 19 AUG 13
Carlos Waldon Pritchett, USA, WWII Veteran, Nicholasville, KY, 16, 17 AUG 13
Martin R. Griffin, Sr., 96, USAAC, WWII Veteran / USAF (RET), Fitchburg, WI, 17 AUG 13
Ronald L. Whitmore, USMC, Vietnam Veteran / PGR / USANG, Oak Hill, WV, 18 AUG 13
Leslie V. Isennock, II, USANG Veteran, Essex, MD, 16, 17 AUG 13
Gary Nagy, USA Veteran, Holly, MI, 19 AUG 13
Kyle W. Buckley, USA, OIF Veteran, Natchitoches, LA, 17 AUG 13
Ora Mann, USA, WWII Veteran, Ilwaco, WA, 17 AUG 13
John H. Yingling, USMC, WWII Veteran, Gladstone, MO, 17 AUG 13
Richard Davenport, USA, Korea Veteran, Columbia, MO, 18 AUG 13
Send Off - LAANG 844th Engineer Brigade, Pineville, LA, 18 AUG 13
LTC Donald Grosz, USA (RET), Delmont, SD, 16, 17 AUG 13
LCPL Cody Schoenfelder, USMC (AD), Huron, SD, 16, 17 AUG 13
Henry James Miller, II, USA, OEF Veteran, Newburg, WV, 18 AUG 13
Robert "Bob" Honomichl, USA Veteran, Minden, NE, 17 AUG 13
John Alexander Sr., 90, USA, WWII Veteran, Prescott, AZ, 19 AUG 13
Steven Turner, USA Veteran, Marshall, KY, 17 AUG 13
Thomas D Tette, USA Vietnam Veteran, Honeoye, NY, 17 AUG 13
Marjie Zylstra, PGR Member, Tallahassee, Havana, FL, 17 AUG 13
HOTH - Honor Flight, Orlando, FL, 18 AUG 13
Richard "Dick" Scheller, USAF, Korea Veteran, Alhambra, IL, 18,19 AUG 13
Joseph Terrasi, 89, USA, WWII Veteran, Bushnell, FL, 19 AUG 13
Peter Marin, 61, USA Veteran, Denver, CO, 19 AUG 13
HOTH - Veterans Escort, Murfreesboro, Crossville, TN, 17 AUG 13
Robert A. Howe, USA, Vietnam Veteran, Brattleboro, Vernon, VT, 18 AUG 13
Alan Joseph Younger, USA, OIF Veteran, Marlow, OK, 17 AUG 13
HOTH - Veterans Home Visit, Northport VA, NY, 17 AUG 13
MSgt Radford A. Sayman, III, USAF (RET), St. George, UT, 17 AUG 13
Ronald Meeks, USA, Vietnam Veteran, East Peoria, IL, 17 AUG 13
Robert F. "BOB" Finuf, USA Veteran, PGR, Strong City, KS, 17 AUG 13
Brady Hammer, USA, OIF Veteran, Klamath Falls, OR, 17 AUG 13
Douglas K. Willis, USN/USAF, Korea Veteran, Cayuta, NY, 17 AUG 13
Purple Heart Medal Escort - PVT James E. Roland, USA, KIA, WWII, Orchard Park, NY / DuBois, PA, 17 AUG 13
Mark Michael, 57, PGR Member, PalmHarbor, FL, 17 AUG 13
WELCOME HOME - SPC Michael Curtis, USA, Freeport, Foreston, IL, 17 AUG 13
Send Off - USAFR Units, Oceanside, Costa Mesa, CA, 18 AUG 13
Edward Toppi, 87, USA, WWII Veteran, Portland, OR, 19 AUG 13
Memorial Street Dedication - SGT Martin Rapczak, USA, Kewanee, IL, 17 AUG 13
Roy "Jake" Jacobsen, USAF, Vietnam Veteran, Randolph, VT, 19 AUG 13
Welcome Home - LCpl David Martinez, USMC, Fairfield, CA, 17 AUG 13
SMSgt Donald M. Carlyle, USAF (RET), Vietnam Veteran, Mesa, AZ, 17 AUG 13
Memorial - Good Grief Camp OUT, Killeen, TX, 18 AUG 13
Carleton H. Johnson, 88, USN, WWII Veteran, Woodland, WA, 17 AUG 13
Sean Christopher Langley, 24, USA Veteran, Lincoln City, OR, 18 AUG 13
Memorial - Bridge Dedication - LCpl David Lee Powell, USMC, KIA Vietnam, Lost Creek, WV, 17 AUG 13
PV2 Jacob Palmer, 19, ORANG (AD), Oregon City, OR, 17 AUG 13
Dennis S. Walton, USA Veteran, Portland, OR, 19 AUG 13
James "JC" Carl Harrison, 64, USAF Veteran, Mooresville, NC, 06 AUG 13 / TBD

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