Airman's Medal

Capt. William Van Horn

2nd/Lt. Kerry A. Crooks

T/Sgt. David Gerke

T/Sgt. Tommie Woods

Commendation Medal

Capt. James P. O'Leary
Capt. O'Leary was one of several Cobra Ball crewmembers
that arrived safely aboard a tanker prior to the crash
and received awards that night for their rescue efforts.
Additional names will be added when confirmed.

Hi Res-1 - Hi Res-2

The photo above shows the Cobra Ball II monument on Shemya in its original location. When Cobra Ball operations transferred to Offutt AFB in 1994 the monument was moved to Offutt, AFB and placed in front of building #40, 45th Reconnaissance Squadron.

The YouTube clips below were provided by Capt. Justin Hall of the 45th Reconnaissance Squadron (RS) at Offutt AFB. They show a formal ceremony coducted in 2006 commemorating the loss of Cobra Ball II (61-2664) and six members of her crew when she crash landed on Shemya, 15 Mar 1981. The ceremony was held in front of the 45th RS.


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