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A Site Dedicated To The 396th Air Service Squadron-12th Air Service Group That Served With Claire Lee Chennault's 14th Air Force In China During The Years 1944-1945

Pray For Their Safety And Safe Return Home To Families And Friends

~The Great Wall Of China~

My China Days 1944~1945 Web Site consists of fourteen pages. The following table will make it easier to navigate this site.Each page may be viewed seperately or you can click on Page #1 and view the entire site by viewing each page and clicking on the NEXT PAGE button at the bottom of each page. Clickable Links To Some Of My Other Sites Are Included In The Table Below Please Visit Them While You Are Here. Enjoy your visit.

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"Pg.#1Welcome ~Memorial~Picturesl Pg.#2 More Pictures
Pg.#3 More Pictures Pg.#4 More Pictures
Pg.#5 Pictures~Bail-Out Story Pg.#6 Great Aircraft Of China
Pg.#7 More Pictures Pg.#8 More Pictures
Pg.#9 Pictures Of Luichow Then And Now Pg.#10 The Many Faces Of China
Pg.#11 More Pictures & Credits Pg.#12 More Pictures
Pg.#13 Most Prized Award Pictures Pg.#14 Pictures~14th Air Force Memorials~Links
A Memorial Page To T/Sgt.Donald Kiefer~21st Photo Recon Squadron My Tribute To The 14th Air Force Web Site
A Visit To China Slide Show C.B.I. Links Page
Warner Robbins AF Museum Slide Show A Tribute To Hollywood Stars In The CBI
Obtaining Your military Records A Collection Of CBI Aircraft Pictures
Monuments In China Honoring All CBI Veterans Remembering Shared Honor Stories Of Rescues & Crash Site Locations
Pilot C.H.McClelland Tells Of A Memorable Hump Flight Military Links Not Related To The CBI Theatre
A Search For A Missing Veteran Of The CBI Theatre The 14th Air Force Memorial At Wright Patterson AFB Base,Dayton,Ohio
The Evacuation & Destruction Of Yang Tong Air Base,Kwelin,China Story Of Flying Tigers Brigade By Lin Zhe Hon Of Guilin,China
Some Samples Of The Nose Art That Was Painted On Some Of The Bomber Groups Aircraft. Photos Of Monuments & Historical Sites In China Related To The CBI Theatre Of Operations
A Memorial Page To Lt.Robert Upchurch~74th Fighter Sq.~23rd Fighter Group~Home At Last The Retirement Speech Of Major General David Zabecki After Forty One Years Of Service To His Country.
A Memorial Site Dedicated To Robert Stumpf Of The 1337th AAFBU -Sookerating, India. "CBI Order Of Battle" A Memorial Site To Morton Goldblatt By His Son Gary With A Tribute To All Units That Served In The CBI Theatre.

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~1948 - 2007~

As a member of the 14th Air Force Association since 1978. I would like to thank you for visiting my web site and would hope that you return.

I am sorry but membership to the Association has been closed and as of May 24th,2007 the Association was dissolved due to old age among the membership.Father time has finally caught up with us.My sincere thanks to all officers past and present for their dedication to the 14th Air Force Association over these many years.

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