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~ Welcome To The Semichi Theatre ~

Shemya can get to be a pretty depressing place for some folks. Going to the Semichi Theatre to watch a movie now and then was one way we were able to enjoy a little entertainment and escape life on "The Rock"... even if it was for only an hour or two.

When the movie "Barbarella" made its way to Shemya in 1968 it was a big hit. That was probably the one and only time every seat in the house was taken. Jane Fonda as Barbarella was Hot. That's before she became a Hot Potato in her role as "Hanoi Jane". So much for the past.

Now that you've gotten this far into my story I feel it's time for a little entertainment. Turn up the volume on your computer and click on one or more of the following videos. Enjoy :)

Northern Lights

Bush Pilots


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