Rivet Amber Crew  

SSgt. Richard J. Steen Jr.

Pattie Steen-Hensley
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High School Graduation 1960.
Moorestown, NJ

Pattie Steen-Hensley
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In Uniform, USAF

Pattie Steen-Hensley
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Jimmy and his wife Margot Smith
on their wedding day in England.


NSA/CSS Cryptologic Memorial

The National Security Agency/Central Security Service Cryptologic Memorial honors and remembers those who gave their lives, "serving in silence," in the line of duty. It serves as an important reminder of the crucial role that cryptology plays in keeping the United States secure and of the courage of these individuals to carry out their mission at such a dear price.

The wall, dedicated in 1996, lists 161 names of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, and civilian cryptologists who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The black granite memorial stands eight feet tall by 12 feet wide with the words THEY SERVED IN SILENCE etched into the polished stone at the cap of a triangle. The NSA seal is carved below followed by the names of those cryptologists who have given their lives in service to their country. The names are at the base of the triangle because these cryptologists and their ideals—dedication to mission, dedication to workmate, and dedication to country—form the foundation for cryptologic service. The structure was designed by an NSA employee, and the memorial is housed in the NSA headquarters complex. Click Here for a complete list of names engraved on the wall.

On Memorial Day 2001, NSA began a tradition of declassifying and sharing the stories behind the names on the wall.

SSgt. Steen was also aboard Rivet Ball when she hydroplaned off the end of runway 28 on Shemya.

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