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My Display Table was one of many. It consisted of memorabilia from Shemya, a large 8x10 photo album, Movie Clips from a home movies we made in 1968-69 and a Slide Show. The Movie Clips show a reenactment of Rivet Ball's fatal landing on 13 January 1969 and the last recorded images of Rivet Amber as she departs Shemya about two weeks before vanishing over the Bering Sea on 5 June 1969. The Slide Show consisted of images from my website, "A Tale of Two Airplanes" @ www.RC135.com. One hour into the program I gave a Briefing about Rivet Ball, Rivet Amber and Shemya. At the end of the program Tankards were given to guest speakers by event organizer and master of ceremonies, Colonel James W. "Jim" Thomas, USAF (Ret.).

Display Table

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Briefing (Part-1 of 3)

Briefing (Part-2 of 3)

Briefing (Part-3 of 3)



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