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J. Sukenik
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J. Sukenik
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The reconnaissance memorial below is located at Majors Field in Greenville, Texas. It was formally dedicated on 9 October 1998 by Lt. General Kenneth Minihan (Director: NSA / CSS). The ten missions memorialized are those platforms where Greenville had a significant or major role in providing the systems involved.

The eagle standing guard over the memorial was created by Martin Kakosian a native Armenian who, as a teenager, witnessed the crash of Sun Valley I (56-60528) shot down by a Soviet Mig-17 on 2 September 1958.

~ Mission / Platform ~

1- USAF "HAYSTACK" (RB-50G, #47-0133)
Assigned to the 6091 Reconnaissance Squadron, Yokota AB, Japan. Crew of 16 lost in the Sea of Japan on 10 September 1956. Cause: Unknown

2- USAF "SUN VALLEY I" (C-130A-II, #56-0528)
Assigned to the 7406 Support Squadron, Incirlik AB, Turkey. Crew of 17 shot down by Soviet Mig-17 near Sasnashen, Armenia on 2 September 1958.

3- USAF "RIVET STAND / BRIAR PATCH" (KC-135R, #59-1465)
Assigned to the 55th SRW, Offutt AFB, Nebraska. Crashed on takeoff from Offutt with the loss of one crewmember on 17July 1967.

Assigned to the US Navy 6th Fleet. The USS Pueblo was captured by forces of North Korea in the Sea of Japan on 23 January 1968 with the loss of one crewmember.

5- USN "KELLI" (EC-121M, #135745)
Assigned to Reconnaissance Squadron 1 (VQ-1), based at NAS Atsugi, japan. Crew of 31 shot down in the Sea of Japan by the North Korean Air Force on 15 April 1969.

6- USAF "RIVET AMBER" (RC-135E, #62-4137)
Assigned to the 24th SRS, 6th SW, Eielson AFB, AK. Crew of 19 lost in the Bering Sea on 5 June 1969. Cause: Unknown

7- USAF "PROJECT III" (C-135B, #61-0331)
Assigned to the 4950th Test Wing, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Crew of 24 crashed into the Pacific Ocean southwest of Hawaii on 13 June 1971.

8- USAF "COBRA BALL II" (RC-135S, #61-2664)
Assigned to the 24th SRS, 6th SW, Eielson AFB, AK. Crashed while landing at Shemya with the loss of six crewmembers on 15 March 1981.

9- USAF "RIVET JAW" (RC-135T, #55-3121)
Assigned to the 6th SW, Eielson AFB, AK. Crew of three lost on 25 February 1985 while executing a microwave approach at Valdez, AK.

10- USA "SENIOR BAND" (RG-8A, #85-0048)
Assigned to Company A, 470th Military Intelligence Group, Ft. Huachuca, AZ. Crew of two crashed on 22 September 1986 near Douglas Bisbee Airport, AZ.

J. Sukenik
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J. Sukenik
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J. Sukenik
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J. Sukenik
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Jack Sukenik
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