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Dunc is an interesting character. He's a West Pointer, Raven (EWO), Wild Weasel Bear, Gold Medal swimmer and Movie Meister all rolled into one tight, high energy package. He's also an excellent model maker and writer. One of the best things Dunc ever did while stationed at Eielson with the 6th SW is lead the way on bringing about the dedication of "Amber Hall" (a.k.a. Ptarmigan Hall) for all those lost at sea on 5 June 1969.

Thank you Dunc.... you did good.

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After retiring from the Air Force Dunc hooked up with some contacts in Hollywood and entered the business of making movies. He never became a star but he did have a lot of fun giving advise and acting when called upon. Dunc's claim to fame is shown below in three movies that most of us will remember, "War Games", "The Right Stuff" and Project X. Click Here for Dunc's filmography.

Technical Advisor
Acting Role: Maj. Lem

Video Clips: 1, 2, 3
Audio Clips: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Technical Advisor

Military Advisor
Acting Role: Maj. Duncan

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