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On 15 March 1981 Cobra Ball II (RC-135S #61-2664) crash landed on Shemya with 24 souls onboard. Six men lost their lives and several medals were awarded for bravery. Click Here for a PDF document (7MB) that contains formal reports, newspaper articles and heartfelt letters. Source: Major William "Bill" Sargent, USAF (Ret.)


Maj. William R. Bennett

Capt. Larry A. Mayfield

1/Lt. Loren O. Ginter

MSgt. Stephen L. Kish

SSgt. Steven C. Balcer

SSgt. Harry L. Parsons III

K. Hawes 4/7/04
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Cobra Ball II monument as it stands today
in front of the 45th RS at Offutt AFB.

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