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My name is Elmer Bukey and I was a member of the 396th Air Service Squadron with the 12th Air Service Group attached to Gen. Chennault's 14th Air Force In China during 1944 and 1945. This page was created to allow easy access to sites related to the C.B.I. Theatre Of Operation during the years of 1942 thru 1945 in World War 11. I take no credit for any of the great sites on this page with the exception of my Home Page China Days and my Tribute To The 14th Air Force Site.

These sites are included on this page strictly for your enjoyment and information. If anyone objects to my having his site on my page please advise me of such and I will take steps to correct the problem.

Enjoy your visit to the C.B.I. Theatre and come back for another visit in the future.

Three Of The Great Planes That Served In The CBI Theatre

The P-51 Mustang ... The B-24 Liberator And The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk

The CBI Shoulder Patches And The 14th Air Force Emblem

My Home Page China Days 1944-1945

A Tribute To The 14th Air Force

The Home Page Of The 308th Bomb Group

The Home Page Of The 341st Bomb Group

A Memorial Site To Robert Hoyle Upchurch 74th Fighter Squadon 23rd Fighter Group

The Official Home Page Of The China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC)

A Memorial Site To Donald Kiefer And The 21st Photo Recon Squadron

Combat Cargo Group Of The C.B.I Theatre

Home Page Of The 14th Air Force Assoc, Chennault Foundation Survivors Association.

Remembering Shared Honor A Site Dedicated To Finding Crash Sites And Missing Pilots By Patrick Lucas A His Chinese Crews

Web Site Of The 69th Depot Repair Sq.~14th Air Force~CBI

Chris Kelly's Tribute To His Grandfather In The C.B.I.

Carl Weidenburner's Tribute To His Dad Warren In The CBI

USAAF 27th Troup Carrier Squadron

Robert Holtz Pictorial Tribute To His Dad R.C.Holtz In The C.B.I. Theatre

Pics Of Calcutta & More By Glenn Hensley Of The 40th PRS

CBI Order Of Battle~Units History And Lineages

John Mongel's Tribute To His Dad And The Flying Tigers

Links To Military Sites Not Related To The China Burma India Theatre

The Saga Of The Yamamoto Shoot-Down

A.V.G Flying Tigers

Annals Of The Flying Tigers

374th Airdrome Squadron In The C.B.I.

A Tribute To The 10th Air Force

Chinese~American 1st Provisional Tank Group In The C.B.I. Theatre

Michael Hernendez Tribute To His Grandfather

Dad's C.B.I. Page Neil Gardner's Tribute To His Dad

The Sino- American Aviation Heritage Foundation Must See Web Site

Carl Weidenburner's Tribute To The Builders Of The Ledo Road ~ CBI Theatre~

Carl Weidenburner's Remembering The Forgotten Theatre~China~Burma~India ~World War 11

Official Home Page Of The 14th Air Service Group And The 987 Signal Company

~1948 - 2007~

As a member of the 14th Air Force Association since 1978.I would like to thank you for visiting my web site and hope you will return.

I am sorry but membership to the Association has been closed and as of May 24th,2007 the Association will be dissolved due to old age among the membership.Father time has finally caught up with us.My sincere thanks to all officers past and present for their dedication to the 14th Air Force Association over these many years.



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