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About Me

Welcome To Rich's Website

Hello, I'm Rich,

I originally began this website as a school project back in 2004. Since then, through spurts of activity (usually due to something happening in my life), I've updated, added, or deleted from this project until it reached what you are seeing today. I realize there are much better websites for sharing information, but this is mine.

I have worked for many corporations and companies during my lifetime. Today, I work at Analytical Graphics, Inc.  (AGI). Everyone in the aerospace industry knows this company and the top reputation that they have earned through the years. I instruct aerospace and software engineers how to use Systems Tool Kit. It is a profession that allows me to earn a living in an exclusive industry, surrounded by some of the most educated people in this country, while learning from my students about their professions. The bottom line is that I have always had an interest in space and now, indirectly, I am part of the team.

Finally Happy!

After a painful divorce from a very good person and a long post-divorce relationship that was doomed from the start, I started looking for a companion in life. I did the online dating routine and in due course found Dee. She is beautiful, mature, honorable and trustworthy which are traits that I have had trouble finding in the past.

Dee and I were married by Dr. Pat Boone . Dr. Boone performed our ceremony as if there were 200 people in the audience (we eloped and it was just Dee and me). She did a magnificent job!


Sometime around December 2007, Dee supported me in finding a new job, even if it meant my being away for days on end. Searching diligently on various Websites, I found a job posting for a technical trainer position at AGI. Although I didn't think I had a chance (they were focusing on aerospace engineers), Dee believed in me, pushed me out the door, and knew I'd be hired.

AGI is located in Exton, PA. The following Picture was taken on my first day at AGI in February, 2008. I knew things were good when I woke up and the fields were covered with white snow.

Since I began working at AGI, I have met some very interesting people. They don't work for AGI, but they attend the same functions that our company sponsors.

Airplanes and Squadrons

The original purpose of my site was to feature three aircraft on which I flew missions during my career in the U.S. Air Force. Please visit the pages and click on the links. They will transport you to interesting Websites which go into detail on each aircraft. I sincerely hope that you enjoy learning about these valuable assets to our national security.

I entered the Air Force in Scranton, Pennsylvania three days after my 18th birthday. Along with a bunch of young, long haired kids, I flew to Atlanta, met up with others headed to boot camp, and eventually ended up at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. My Technical Instructor (TI), TSgt Coleman, began the long process of turning me into an Airman and a man. San Antonio was another world to me. Other than my home in Pennsylvania and Sunday drives to New Jersey, New York, and Maryland, I had never seen any place else.

I held various jobs throughout my military years: Neonatal Technician, Paramedic, and Airborne Cryptologic Linguist.

After I retired, I began my civilian career working in various jobs such as a Corrections Officer (Arizona), Aircrew Instructor (Boeing and C2 Technologies) and Configuration Manager (Harris Corporation).

Please sit back and enjoy my Website.