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Deluxe Gift Set

Our popular Deluxe Gift Set includes an unmatched array of content: A letter-size, printed Star Certificate; a Star Chart showing your star's location in space; our award-winning Virtual Planetarium™ astronomy software; and more! Plus, we launch your star name into space! This is a meaningful gift idea for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, graduation, an anniversary, a birthday, or any occasion.

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This Name A Star Gift Set Includes:
  • »Your star name registeredYour star name registered with Space Services, Inc. — the pioneer and global leader in commercial space launches and services for nearly 30 years.
  • »Printed Star Certificate — Quick LookA handsome Star Certificate (8.5" x 11" — full color, high gloss finish) prominently displaying the chosen star's new name, registration date, telescopic coordinates, and the message you dedicate to the recipient. Presentation folder included suitable for display. Also available framed.
  • »Printed Star Chart — Quick LookYour Star Chart delivered by email — (8.5” x 11”) personalized. Shows the precise location of the star you named. It is ready to print and is suitable for framing. You will receive the Star Chart within minutes from purchase.
  • »Star Name launched into space — Details We launch your star live to space! Only Name A Star Live launches your star's name and message of dedication on a real space mission.
  • »Star Name on board Sunjammer solar sail Through a special, exclusive agreement – as a Name A Star Live customer – you will be part of this, one of the coolest and most innovative space missions in history. Sunjammer - the world's first navigable solar sail - will harness the physical pressure of sunlight to take your star name on a journey into deep space! Available only through Name A Star Live.
  • »Exclusive* Launch Certificate — Quick LookLaunch Certificate – (8.5” x 11” , full color) verifying that your star name and dedication message have been launched into space aboard a real rocket on our next mission. Available by download from our website after the launch occurs, containing a photo of the launch and all of the flight details. May also be ordered in a high gloss, framed print.
  • »Virtual Planetarium™ Software DVD — Quick LookExclusive* Virtual Planetarium Astronomy Software — provides access to award-winning NASA images, astronomy and space mission websites, and 3-D photos of Mars. Use VP to locate your star, and to portal to the best space information on the web including interactive games and lessons. Developed in collaboration with Rice University and the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Includes instructions, software DVD, and 3D-Glasses
  • »Lavishly illustrated Astronomy e-BookAstronomy E–book included — From sunspots to black holes, planets around other stars, supernovae and dark matter, this rich e-book unveils the mysteries of today's research, looking at cutting-edge astronomy from around the world.
Name A Star Deluxe Gift Set
Printed Star Certificate Printed Star Chart Launch Certificate Virtual Planetarium™ Software DVD
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Additional Star Registration Documents

Consider adding another Star Certificate, Star Chart or Astrophoto to your order. You can order each document in either a printed, framed or digital (PDF) format. Make your special gift even more special!

Framed Star Certificate Star Certificates

Our Name A Star Live Star Certificate prominently displays the star's new name, registration date, telescopic coordinates, and the message you dedicate to the recipient.

Framed Star Chart Star Charts

Our Astronomical Star Chart shows the precise location of the star you named within its constellation.

Framed Astrophoto of your star Astrophotos

This photograph show's your star's constellation, including an inset showing your star, its neighboring stars, and their location within the constellation.

Tools to Help Locate Your Star

Wouldn't it be nice to take your significant other outside one night, point to the heavens above, and show where his/her star is shining? We offer three tools to help you do just that!

Virtual Planetarium™ Software DVD Virtual Planetarium™

Our astronomical software is seven great programs in one: interactive sky maps, a huge library of stunning astronomy imagery; information and images of the solar system and latest space events; and space weather reports about sun spots, auroras and more.

First Light Astronomy Kit First Light Astronomy Kit

Explore the night sky! Our astronomy kit includes easy-to-understand, award-winning materials and tools that are designed to help beginners learn their way around the night sky..

Planisphere Constellation Finder Planisphere

Use this easy device when you're stargazing to find the constellation (area of the night sky) in which your star is located. Then, use our Star Chart (see above) to find where your star is located within your constellation.

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Twilight Turtle projects a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of any room to create magical, tranquil environments that are ideal for helping children of all ages ease into a restful sleep. Parents can also sit with their children and identify 8 major constellations within Twilight's star pattern using the wonderfully illustrated Star Guide.

Twilight Turtle Star Projector Twilight Turtle

Projects a starry night sky with 8 constellations. Comes with storybook, star guide and adoption certificate. Shell illuminates in Bright Blue, Bright Green or Soft Amber.

Twilight Lady Bug Star Projector Twilight Lady Bug

Projects a starry night sky with 7 constellations; comes with storybook, star guide and adoption certificate. Shell illuminates in Red, Green or Blue.

Twilight Sea Turtle Star Projector Twilight Sea Turtle

Projects 3 constellations, and windows in shell light up to highlight 5 endangered sea animals. Comes with storybook, star guide and adoption certificate, and endangered sea animal guide. Shell illuminates in Blue, Green or Aquamarine.

All 3 projectors shown above include 3 AAA batteries and a mechanism for auto-shutoff after 45 minutes of use.

Custom Engraved Star Pendant Custom Star Pendant

The Name A Star Live star pendant is certain to impress. It is made of high quality solid Italian sterling silver (24.8 mm wide) and comes with an 18" sterling cable chain. This bright, exquisite, and stylish silver star is engraved with the star name and its astronomical catalog number. Elegantly presented in a black velvet gift box. Wear it as a necklace or as a charm for your bracelet. Please allow one extra week for delivery.

Star Bear Star Bear

Give a cuddly Star Bear. You will receive a cuddly, 6" bear holding a generic parchment certificate, and adorned with a gold ribbon and star. Ideal gift for an anniversary, Valentine's Day, birthday, or a special friend or loved one.

Name A Binary Star System Name a Binary Star System

Name two stars creating a Binary Star System, knowing that your two stars will be orbiting each other forever. Ideal gift for an anniversary, wedding, a special friend or loved one. When you name a binary star system, you receive to identical copies of the star registration documents included in the gift set described includes 2 copies of each star registration document.

  • Name a Binary Star $99.95

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