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Subject: Memo for Record - Names to be added to Monument


The attachment may come as news to members of the Board.

It is the result of several weeks of research and communication between King Hawes and the Monument committee of Bill Ernst, Robb Hoover, Jack Kovacs, Max Moore, Jim Thomas, et al, as the right thing to do.

The action is in keeping with all that was done when the Monument process was ongoing.

It is unfortunate these crewmen were not picked up in the original go around.

VO, Max


Diligent and exhaustive research and documentation by Association member and former 6SW/CC, King Hawes, has proven that six enlisted crewmen who were TDY from and assigned to the 55th SRW at Offutt AFB, NE, and attached to the 6 SW were among those who perished when Rivet Amber, RC-135E, was lost over the Bering Sea on 5 June 1969.

Extensive communications (May-July 2005) between King Hawes, Bill Ernst, Robb Hoover, info'd to Errol Hoberman, Max Moore, Jack Kovacs, and Jim Thomas, solidly lead to the obvious conclusion that the names of those six crewmen should be placed on the 55th SRW Cold War Monument in the Memorial Gardens at the National Museum of the Air Force at Dayton.

An executive meeting was held on 27 July 2005 at Offutt AFB, chaired by President Jim Thomas and attended by Board members: Bill Ernst, former President and monument project coordinator; Historian Robb Hoover, Secretary Max Moore, and Mike Cook and Jim Maloney. Also present were Association members Harry Tull, Frank Hicks, and Gerry Prichard.

Purpose of the meeting was to put forward the findings of this investigation and announce that these names will be placed on the monument. Consider this as a continuing action to the monument program.

Additionally, determining placement of the names on the monument was necessary. After a discussion of proposals of King Hawes, and other options, the decision was made to engrave the six names on the back base, reverse side, in alphabetical order, two lines in three columns, all caps, using print size and font identical to those names already on the front of the monument. Above the names will be engraved "55th SRW HONOR ROLL", also identical to the front of the monument. All actions to be taken are a continuation of the original project and similar decisions made.

Cost to add names and honor roll inscription will be approximately $200. The Association has money held over in the monument fund just for unforeseen circumstances such as this.

The names to be added to the monument are: TSGT Charles Dreher, SSGT Robert Fox, MSGT Herbert Gregory, TSGT Hervey Hebert, TSGT Lester Schatz and TSGT Donald Wonders.

Respectfully Submitted

Max R. Moore

Max R. Moore
Friday, August 05, 2005 11:22 AM

(Significant input from Pres Jim Thomas)