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On 23 July 2004, I called my old friend and fellow crewmate Bob Brown, aka "Viper", in Dalzell, South Carolina. In our conversation I asked him if he would like to reenact his famous "Gaslight" call for posterity. He liked the idea and gave me the following call (Click Here) over a wireless telephone while sitting on the front porch of his house (Raven's Nest) after sipping on Southern Comfort.

After recording Viper's call I simulated cabin noise and camera operation by hissing into the recording mike and running a slot car at high speed. The composite recording is close to the real deal. Click Here for the end results.

When the Manual Tracker (MT) calls "GASLIGHT" that's when the "Signal Monitor" (SM) activates all the cameras by throwing two master switches, one for the tracking cameras and one for the ballistic streak camera (BSC). All of the cameras remain in operation until impact. A typical camera run will last about 30 seconds.

Yours Truly,
King Hawes, aka "Tinker"
Rivet Ball, Signal Monitor (SM)

Kingdon R. Hawes (Webmaster)

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