Ali Baba  

G. Krieg & R. Tsuda
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This is a photo of the original Nancy Rae team that deployed to Shemya on New Years Eve, 1961. They were known as "Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves". The photo above was taken inside hangar #2 shortly after arrival with Nancy Rae (59-1491) in the background. The original crew was assembled from many bases and assigned to Wright-Patterson, AFB Ohio. Nancy Rae eventually became known as Wanda Belle and Rivet Ball.

For a more complete story go to "Related Stories" on page #12 and read "Nancy Rae Days" by Richard M. Tsuda.

Standing L-R:
SSgt. Ted Roth
TSgt. Billy Simeroth
Name ?
TSgt Ed Litavic
SSgt Tom Warford
TSgt. Earl Beach
Capt. Jim Taylor
Capt. Tom Nason
Capt. Joe Wojcik
Maj. Joe Derie
Maj. Neil McCulley
Col. Webster Plourd
Capt. John Davey
Maj. David M. Critchlow
l/Lt. Lary Wilson
Maj. Reid Hoisington
SSgt. Frank Finlayson
Name ?
SSgt. Bruce Stockholm
Capt. Walter Smith
Name ?
Capt. George Krieg

Sitting L-R:
TSgt. Al Fleury
TSgt. Sam Viola
TSgt. Dick Tsuda
TSgt. Doug Ward (rear)
MSgt. Albert Sokinas
TSgt. Fred Hoffman
TSgt. Jim Michaels
TSgt. Jack Halbirt
Mr. Pete Branscom
TSgt. Bill Miller
TSgt John McDuffie
MSgt. Arley Predmore
SSgt Louie Lovato
TSgt. Bieberly
SSgt. Bill O'Keefe
A1C Robert Davis
SSgt. Roger Barnett
Name ?
Capt. Irvin Hosie

J. Heilig
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