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Ed Steffen
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(Top Secret Need To Know Only)

Bob McCullough
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The photo above is of the very first SAC crew assigned to Nancy Rae, aka Wanda Belle / Rivet Ball (#59-1491). They are all members of "The Black Pearl Society", an informal organization created by SAC crewmembers of the Nancy Rae group that were assigned PCS to the remote island of Shemya between February 1963 and May 1964. They were attached to the 4157th SW, SAC.

Front Row (L-R)

SSgt. Winifred L. Standerford
TSgt. Harry A. Davidson
TSgt. Ronald Adee
TSgt. John A. Cronin
SSgt. Harold C. Jackson
TSgt. Stanley C. Augustine
MSgt. Wilbert J. Kangas
TSgt. Jack R. Garrison
TSgt. ?

Middle Row (L-R)

Capt. Eric P. Frank
Capt. Allan Blank
Capt. Robert G. Crawford
Maj. Walter D. Smith
Ltc. Joseph A. Derie (TC)
Ltc. Don O. Clark (Det. Cmdr.)
Maj. Henry R. Sampson Jr. (Asst. Det. Cmdr.)
Capt. William D. Isaac
Capt. Peter J. Dawson
Capt. Richard R. Flynn
Capt. James H. Grossman

Back Row (L-R)

SSgt. Howard C. Winters
TSgt. Ralph E. Shope
TSgt. Herbert R. Gehm
TSgt. Donald J. Coones
MSgt. John P. McCullough (Inflight Maint. / NCOIC)
MSgt. Robert C. Hyde
TSgt. James W. Broom
MSgt. Robert E. McCullough
TSgt. Edmund E. Lyon
SSgt. James W. Kirkpatrick
TSgt. Robert F. Bozeman
TSgt. Fredrick H. Phillips

Bill Isaac

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