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Johnston Island (Atoll) is a low sand and coral atoll that is 717 miles West Southwest of Honolulu Hawaii. It's about two miles long and a half mile wide. It's highest point is 44 feet at "Summit Peak" near the eastern end. One and a half miles to the northeast of the main island is a small coral reef known as "Sand Island".

The U.S. military has maintained a presence on Johnston Island since/before World War II. In 1948 the US Air Force assumed control. The site was primarily used for
high altitude nuclear tests in the 1950s and 1960s and until late 2000 it was used as a storage and disposal site for chemical weapons.

Fishing for sharks off the west end of the island was one of the more interesting ways to pass time when you were looking for a little excitement. Many a shark were caught while we were on station in 1968. One shark measured over 12 feet long! During down time we also enjoyed watching movies at the outdoor theatre and eating some of the best food in the world. How sweet it was.

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