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     The Kiwanis Club of Omaha Golden K was formed on Sept. 29, 1981, with 24 members. A year later, membership totaled 82. In September 1993, the club reached its membership limit of 180. Membership now stands at 86.
      The club is a service organization made up of caring, senior men and women. It serves the community with volunteers who read with pupils at the Conestoga Magnet School, assist travelers as Airport Information Ambassadors and work at the Food Bank for the Heartland.

     Golden K Club meetings are in Countryside Community Church, 8787 Pacific Street, each Tuesday at 9:30 a.m.

Sam Wall, center in white shirt, is flanked by fellow Korean War veterans of the Kiwanis Club of Omaha Golden K. Wall gave a program for a club meeting as the 60th anniversary of the war's conclusion approached.

Ryan Horn and grandfather Dwain Horn appear before the
July 17 meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Omaha Golden K.
Dwain Horn, a member, introduced his grandson's program.
Campaign Manager Says Stothert Energetic 
     Ryan Horn, Jean Stothert’s campaign manager, spoke to the Kiwanis Club of Omaha Golden K on the successful strategy that culminated in her victory in May.
     Horn emphasized that political campaigns are run by the candidate with the assistance from public relations firms such as his. He found her tough, extremely energetic and highly motivated. He portrayed her as a person one can trust and is honest.
     First, it was necessary to identify the segments of society that are necessary to address for a successful campaign. Since Omaha is a predominantly Democratic and she, Republican, it was necessary to focus on Democrats who would be sympathetic to her message.
     Next would be the independents and, finally, the female vote.
     Television is a highly effective method of conveying the message as it uses both visual and spoken work. Talking to people face to face is more effective that verbal alone. An effort was made to show Stothert as more vibrant than her opponent. Use was made contrasting statements made by the mayor with the factual statistics.

Erickson shows artifacts commemorating the Lincoln Highway Centennial.
Funding Tied to Naming of Lincoln Highway
     Nils Anders Erickson shared with Kiwanis Club of Omaha Golden K interesting historical facts associated with the Lincoln Highway.
     Originally the responsibility for highways fell on the states. Several civic leaders felt the need for a national highway, and, at the time, there was an institution set up to honor Lincoln. They recognized that here could be a source of funds and support for the project if it was named Lincoln Highway.
     Early materials were brick, concrete and even railroad ties. Surfaces where brick was placed over concrete have proved e durable as there are still some such stretches in the Omaha area.
     The original highway ran over the Missouri River Douglas Street Bridge and through the heart of the city.
     When completed, the cities dedicated the event by lighting bonfires. Council Bluffs was the first, but Omaha claimed the largest.
     In early July in Kearney, there was the Lincoln Highway Celebration. A hundred cars started from New York and San Francisco and met in Kearney. Many vintage cars were in the parade and. Erickson was able to drive a Tucker automobile.

Kiwanis Club of Omaha Golden K President Carolyn Law presents Dr. Tricia Hultgren with a pen following Dr. Hultgren's presentation on dermatology.

     Gordon Krentz, the director of special events for the Nebraska Humane Sociecty, provides the program for the Kiwanis Club of Omaha Golden K June 4. With him is Jane, his adopted sheep dog mix.

Club News
K-Kids Adviser Speaks

Amy Crowe, the adviser for K-Kids at Walnut Hill School, speaks to Omaha (more)
New Member

Dr. Terrance L. Fangman, a retired dentist, has joined Omaha Golden K.