Lisa Ann Prologue  

Joseph T. Cleary

Once Lisa Ann had passed her Flight Tests we sent her back to Greenville for last minute cleanup. Then brought her to Offutt AFB for a Static Display. This was to reward all those who had a part in her progress. The display lasted about 5 hours and was accessible only to those whose names I put on a roster which I gave to the Air Policeman guarding the closed off area. No one whose name was not on the roster would be allowed access. Pictures were forbidden. As I suspected might happen, our Security was tested. During the static display a man wearing the uniform of a Major General approached the guard and demanded access. The guard blew a whistle I had given him. I was aboard Lisa Ann at the time so I went over to the guard to see what the problem was. He told me so I turned to this man and asked for his identification card. It looked official so I explained to him that only those whose name were on a previously approved roster could view the aircraft. I asked him where he was assigned and he said SAC Hq. I knew that was a lie because I knew all the Generals . I had briefed them all at one time or another. I told him I was only following orders and I could not allow him access to the aircraft. He didn't like it but there wasn't much he could do about it. He left and I never heard anymore about it.

The next day Lisa Ann took off for her flight to Eielson AFB. As soon as her wheels touched the ground my job was done. At least until her next upgrade notification was scheduled. By that time however I had been re-assigned to the 98th Strat Wing at Torrejon Air Base, Spain.

This ends all I know about Lisa Ann. Everything I have said here is what I remember from 40 years ago. I am now 79 ( going on 110 ). I have no documents to show and I guess a lot of people who should add their comments to this are dead or otherwise not available. So….. this ends the Prologue to the Lisa Ann Story. I was privileged to work with many devoted, motivated people who helped make Lisa Ann a reality. I thank them and wish them all well. "

Joseph T. Cleary,
Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.)
19 January 2003

J. Cleary
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The photo above shows Capt. Cleary being
awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross from
General Power (CINCSAC) in August 1963.

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I'm sorry to report that Joe Cleary is no longer with us as of 11 May 2003. He departed peacefully in his sleep after a prolonged battle with diabetes. Joe will be missed by all those that knew him.

May he rest in peace..... AMEN.

King Hawes

Kingdon R. Hawes (Webmaster)
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