Frank X. Wonders
Tue Feb 11 04:21:39 2003

King, great job! As mentioned by others you are an angel to bring this event in time to the forefront. I am so pleased to know that this has brought closure to so many who had lost loved ones aboard Rivet Amber. The 19 men aboard her, that fateful day, truly are American Heroes.I am 44 years old and have yet to find closure in a most peculiar way, I am according to my birth records the son of Tsgt Donald F. Wonders.

John R. Lane
Tue Feb 11 11:03:48 2003

1963-69 - Non-Morse Search & Development - 79th USASA Special Operations Group. Hoping to hear from Joe Santoro, Bernie Eisenberg, Ivan Ludwig, Bert Schroeder, Albert Tomei, Father Anton Gautz. The dogs were Boozer, Scar and Squeek. Squeek was attacked by Ravens. Squeek had a huge slash on her face. I pumped about 6 tubes of cream into the wound and wrapped it. The next morn Squeek had tracked me up the stairs and slept outside my door.

Allan Brem
Sun Feb 23 23:40:19 2003

Far East - Yokota AB Japan, Kadena AB, Okinawa

Bruce L. Car, Col, USAF (ret)
Mon Feb 24 22:43:51 2003

This is one of the finest sites I have ever seen. Duke Armstrong are you out there?

Jim Staples
Tue Mar 4 13:50:49 2003

I am a prior SAC Crewmember from the B-52D as a Gunner and as a Minuteman II Launch Control Officer from the 44SMW/67SMS Ellsworth AFB SD. SAC was the best part of my 20 years in the USAF. A Great web site. I was on alert on June 6, 1980 when a computer chip a NORAD went stupid and we all scrampled to our bombers. I heard things on the radio I never heard befor. One of them was the roll call of the 55SRW. It really made my hair stand on end.

Krystal Rabron
Mon Mar 10 19:03:21 2003

I love this sight becuase the men are our nations heros and should be rememered so.

Richard M. Tsuda, CMSgt, USAF (ret)
Mon Mar 17 17:16:24 2003

I was honored to be on the original Nancy Rae crew. We witnessed our first missile reentry over the Atlantic and deployed to Shemya on 31 Dec 1961. After "setting up shop", we split into two crews and began 90-day rotational TDYs until 1963. This great website has brought back fond memories. I salute those who flew the missions, and those who lost their lives flying in such a hostile environment. God bless them and their families.

Richard D. Reynolds
Mon Apr 28 09:08:03 2003

Great story! Brought back a lot of memories. I flew many times on Cobra Ball.

Allen C. Hatcher Sr.
Tue Apr 29 17:06:42 2003

I find this webb page very interesting. I spent most of 1969-1970 on the northern radar sites of Alaska. Even though I didn't get into crewchiefing Buffs and tankers till 1971 ,I can relate to the isolation and the comradery. I can only imagine the pucker factor when the Russian Bisons flew over to look at the crunched plane on Shemya. Allen C. Hatcher Sr.

Ralph Testa
Wed Apr 30 19:19:44 2003

Was a Buff EWO for many years in the Nam and always wished I were an RC EWO. Now I know why...that's where all the cold war heros in SAC were stationed. The hot war wasn't bad...we were winning when I left (Nov. 72). I thank God we won the cold one. Thanks for the insite into what I missed. Ralph "Captain America" Testa

Hugh Link
Thu May 1 18:08:12 2003

While in the ACRP program at Yakota in 1959, Our RB-50G was forced to divert to Shemya due to two of our engines having to be shut down. We stayed there for five days. There was only beer in the club and we had no american money,only script. However, we were very glad she was there. It was a special time,with a very special job. This website is also very special. Thank you.

Jim Rainey
Fri May 9 02:26:12 2003

Well Done! You have done them proud. You have made a significant contribution to our Air Force History. In 1967/68, I was in-training for an aircrew slot as an RC-135C Inflight Maintenance Technician, along with Bob Fox. Early in 1968, I received notification of my impending assignment to Shemya. I also received orders for Vietnam. The assignment to RVN won. Bob got the Rock. I can still recall receiving the news of the crash, and my shock that Bob was among the lost.

Edward Steffen
Sat May 10 13:21:20 2003

I have just had the great pleasure of looking back to the days when I had much involvement in the overall BALL, AMBER collection operation. I hope to add some of my own experiences to this collection.

Ron Strong
Fri May 16 17:45:57 2003

King, this is truly the best 'Ball/'Amber site anywhere and I'm not saying it just because you've included my "The Lisa Ann Adventure." I am honored to have it as a part of your effort. If ANYONE else out there can contribute to what I had started as memoirs for my children and grandchildren, please, please contact me.

Nicole Campbell
Wed May 21 19:28:08 2003

I work with Jen Wonders and I have seen the joy this web site has given her.It helped her discover the story of her father.A story that she needed the final page for so she could finish the book. This site also helped me learn about some brave men I didn't know about until now.It is a wonderful story that needed to be told.

Thu May 29 23:44:49 2003

King, I am amazed that your web page for Rivet Ball gets better and better each time I view it. Great job! Will you be at Dayton on 3-6 September for the dedeciation of RB-47H #491 and other things? I know Viper will be there as will Preacher. Edwa ...

Mark Achor
Mon Jun 2 18:15:40 2003

I was very young while my dad was stationed in Alaska. Although I've always been aware of the accident at Shemya we've never really discussed it much. I enjoyed reading though the website a great deal. Thank you for sharing your memories of Rivet Ball, Rivet Amber and Shemya.

Kylee Wonders
Thu Jun 5 11:49:25 2003

King, Today is the 35th Anniversary of my father's death. It is a very difficult day for everyone in my family so I can imagine how others feel. This is a day of much crying and also for remembering. I am writing so that I may extend my deepest sympathy to the family members of Rivet Amber. This day will always be a day of great mourning for us all. God bless every one of you. We are not alone.
Thank you,
Kylee Wonders

Jo An Wonders
Thu Jun 5 13:22:37 2003

Today is June 5, 2003. It seems like just yesterday when that dreaded visit came from the base and Chaplain, informing me of the accident. It shouldn't have come as a surprise. Don and I used to tease each other about having mental telepathy. What one thought, the other one knew. For some reason on June 5, 1969, I felt so sad and down. After the news of the accident, I knew why.

Sonia Connor
Sat Jun 7 10:14:28 2003

Neat site, and hello from Milford, CT

Jo An Wonders
Sat Jun 7 13:22:37 2003

Lest we forget: To all Armed Forces personnel, deceased or living, retired or active: We all enjoy our freedom because God created you! I know the sacrifices you make. Thank You JoAn Wonders (widow of Don Wonders)

Robert Koci
Wed Jun 11 10:17:46 2003

As I read the story, I felt a welling-up in my heart. I feel for the men and their sacrifice to keep our nation safe and secure. Being a pilot, I also have feelings for Rivet Ball and Amber Ball. Both the Men and the Airplanes died doing their job to the best of their ability. 'Airplanes are people too'. Amen

Michael Treglazoff
Wed Jun 18 23:00:23 2003

My wife was named Lisa-Ann by her Father, he worked at LTV and helped build this airplane. Good to see that her history is not lost on deaf ears. He also served in the Air-Force from 1956-1960.

Elmer Bukey
Sat, Aug 2, 2003, 5:59pm (CDT+1)

Hello King:
Just a note to thank you for making your War Stories web site available to all us interested in those that served their country. I have saved it in my Favorites Folder so I can go back and view it in great depth. Thanks again for doing such a great job.
Sincere Regards,
An Old China Burma India Vet.
Elmer Bukey
Click Here To View My China Days Website Index.

Mon Aug 4 00:32:45 2003


Alan Teague
Mon Aug 4 20:44:02 2003

What price we must pay for freedon. God bless the loved ones left behind.

Mon Aug 11 20:44:28 2003


Aug 12 18:44:37 2003


Bill Jayne
Mon Aug 18 10:31:35 2003

I wish to thank you for making this site possible...Why is your story never appears in main stream that people may know of the sacrafices made by so many young Americans to protect our freedom...God Bless All of You!

Chuck Huber
USN Heavy Attack Squadrons
Mon Aug 18 12:24:45 2003

Fantastic job King. From a Cold War Navy spook, VQ-2 - we were also tasked for similar missions from the other side! In addition to my Heavy Attack website the following is a memorial to USN spooks who gave their lives during the Cold War. FAIRECONRON ONE AND TWO (VQ-1/2) CASUALTIES
Click Here for US Navy Heavy Attack Composite Squadrons VC-5 thru 9.

Thomas J. Malthaner
Mon Aug 18 14:46:26 2003

Being a self educated WWII historian and aviation buff, I find this story extremely interesting and thank you for bringing it to the public. I was not aware of the intelligence base located so close to Russia. Our graditude goes to the crews that flew the missions and those who gave the ultimnate sacrifice. Also, our sympathy goes to the families of the casualties in this tragedy. God Bless America. Thank you very much. Tom Malthaner

Margie Sheldon
Mon Aug 18 17:51:58 2003

Thank you for making this web site, I plan on sending out to friends who like me are vets and know they will appriciate it too.

Colonel Dennis O'Donoghue
Tue Aug 19 23:50:19 2003

Thank you for taking the time to put together this tribute to fallen comrades in the struggle of the Cold War. Your efforts ensure that their sacrifice will not be forgotten. I was very touched by your story.

Natasha Markovich
Tue Aug 19 23:52:14 2003

Very touching, very moving. Thank you.

Dalia Ross
Wed Aug 20 02:15:54 2003

Para Todos los Hispanos y Mas

Great work!!! Congratulations, and I hope you are well right now with all your family too, all the love, my respects from the bottom of my heart, God bless you all the way... for ever, Dalia

Clark Campbell
Wed Aug 20 21:04:44 2003

I am a civilian currently working on Shemya. I greatly enjoyed this web site as it finally answered the important question "Who, or what, was Boozer?" I mean, must have been pretty important to get the brass plate on Bldg 600. Enjoyed the rest of the site also. Thanks for putting it together.

Steve Jordon
Thu Aug 21 16:53:39 2003

I toured the web site today and it is excellent -- gripping stories about a time and place few people understand. My father was Harold K. "Ken" Jordon, retired SAC pilot, and my father-in-law was Eugene A. Jackson, a civilian scientist with SAC. Both are deceased but not forgotten. If you get to the Strategic Air & Space Museum just west of Omaha, you'll find the "SAC Man" sculpture donated in their memories. I admire them and all the people who fought the Cold War.

John Draper
Thu Aug 21 17:49:10 2003

Super, super site. I went through Aviation Cadets with the Aircraft Commander, Charles "Mich" Michaud of Irene 92. We were assigned to the same RB-47 Squadron at Forbes AFB, KS in August, 1955. The last time I saw Mich was in the winter of 1967/68. I was on emergency leave from Spain to see my dad in California. I was able to get as far as Baltimore, MD and was stuck. I just happened to run into Mich and he was able to get me on a flight to Los Angeles that sure was a time saver.

Nick Tucker
Fri Aug 22 10:38:11 2003

I was a crew chief on Cobra Ball during the late 70's, then transferred to Travis AFB. Bill.. if you're out there drop me a line! Salute to those that created this memorial and to the crews that gave their lives. Nick

Mary Jane
Mon Aug 25 04:40:18 2003

Seen your site featured in the webtv member news and when I seen SAC it caught my attention as I too live in Omaha. What a heartfelt site you have put together! Many (most) Americans have no idea what is involved in protecting our freedom. We all have you dedicated service men and women to be thankful for. And I, for one, can not end this without saying ... "Thank You!". Gooooooo Huskers!!! :-)

Jim Lux
Mon Aug 25 16:04:46 2003

Central Texas Wing of the Commemorative Air Force

Thank you for writing the story. I spent several days on Shemya in 1996 looking for P-38 Lightnings that were supposed to have been buried on the island after WW II. Unfortunately for me, Shemya was in the finishing stages of a very costly environmental cleanup when I arrived. I didn't find the P-38s but was able to confir that most of the Lightnings that were there were dumped in the ocean just of the coast in November 1947. I took more than six hours of video of Shemya. Jim Lux

Charles Sims
Sat Sep 6 13:18:42 2003

This is a great, great WEB Site, and I enjoyed it tremendously! I was on Shemya from September 1958 to December 1959 with the Army's 281st USASA Company. We all, those of us who spent time on The Rock, are in a unique group. God Bless! C

Gerald W. Butler
Mon Sep 8 10:48:00 2003

What a superior website! I served on Shemya when Nancy Rae - we called it "The Cadillac" - was on station and was able to peek inside the big bird a few times... I was with the 79th ASA SOU (Army) assigned to "E" operations, from August 1962 through August 1963. My best to all who served and God Bless those that never returned. Gerald W. Butler Nahant, MA.

bud leibe
Mon Sep 8 23:48:40 2003

served in af on shemya 1968-1969 in the fire dept. remember many times going for standby when your birds were taking off or landing and the crash off the end of the runway just after midnight..amazing, no fire. i also recall on numerous occasions, the officers at the sac hanger would come across to the fire station and invited us to come over and call home on a special telephone. other than being so far from home, not a bad year. I totally enjoyed the previous pics and story.

Terry G. Harpster
Sun Sep 21 19:49:29 2003

This is the most informative site I have seen on the Shemya operations, you are to be commended for your work & dedication. I was with the 55th SRW FMS 1967-69 & remain very proud to have served with some of the bravest crew members on earth.

Ray S. Harper
Sun Sep 28 22:59:19 2003

Shemya-Jan70-Jan71. My " green badge "(maint. w/ AAFJOG(Army-AF Joint Ops Group)gave us an inside look at the RC-135 during 1970. You said the RC-135's weren't put back into service until 71/72, but I was ON one of them a year later in 1970! Got my Air/Space mag(Nov 2003)- there's an identical article about this same thing ! (will check article for details). GOOD WEBSITE ! Ray S. Harper/E-4/ USAFSS(Security Service)/6984th Sec. Sq./Shemya AFB, Alaska /Jan 70-Jan71.

Howard C.Swenson, Jr.
Fri Oct 3 13:16:03 2003

Served on Shemya from Aug. 1964 to Aug. 1965 with the 1930-24 Comm Det, AFCS.

Leta Ginter Taber
Fri Oct 31, 2003, 1:29pm (CST-2)

Thank you for your website.  My youngest brother was killed in the crash of the "Ball".  We (siblings) had never seen a picture of the crash until today when my son and I found it on your website.  Loren's widow was Air Force too so we only heard or saw what she wanted us too.  Our mother died a few hours after the Chaplain paid his visit to us, so our loss was a double whammy. This site helps with a closure to it all. Thank God for all our wonderful service men who protect us day and night. Again, Thank you from the siblings and family of 1/ Lt Loren O. Ginter.
Leta Ginter Taber

Frank Campfield
Sat Nov 8 00:26:33 2003

King, entry #143 reminded me of the Cadilliac steering wheel emblem affixed to the pilot's yoke. Remember, as we relive our past on this web site, there are men like us today putting their lives on the line for our beloved freedom... God bless them all!

Louann Levis
Sat Nov 8 22:04:03 2003

Thank you so much for this wonderful rememberance of Charlie Levis. He has always remained with me, but it is comforting to know that others remember him too.
Louann Levis

Kingdon R. Hawes (Webmaster)
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