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The links below (1-14) will take you to scanned copies of a "DRAFT" report titled: "A REPORT ON THE RC-135E "RIVET AMBER" (62-4137) LOST OVER THE BERING SEA, JUNE 5, 1969". It was prepared by Richard L. Gray (Consultant Riverside Research Institute) on September 21, 2002 "In response to a request from the Missile Defense Agency, Washington, D.C. and the Space and Missile Defense Command Huntsville, AL".

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Webmaster NOTE:
Copies of this report were given to me by one of the original Rivet Amber Ravens, Ltc. Ronald D. Strong, USAF retired. To the best of my knowledge and that of Richard L. Gray, the draft version of this report was never finalized, per our phone conversation on 10 January 2008.

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