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On 23 April 2013, Colonel Alan C. Feldkamp, USAF (Ret.), sent me an interesting article that was published in the June 1979 issue of SAC Combat Crew magazine. It's his story about the rescue of a US Navy P-3 Orion crew that ditched in the Bering Sea in October 1978. When Col. Feldkamp wrote this story he was a young Captain flying highly classified "Cobra Ball" (RC-135S) reconnaissance missions from the remote island of "Shemya" in the Aleutians. His crew position on "Cobra Ball" was "Electronic Warfare Officer, Crew Commander", aka "Tactical Coordinator" (TC).

Click Here for a pdf version of Alan's story. Click on the following links for scanned pages in jpg format: 1, 2

Click Here for PowerPoint briefing slides used by Col. Feldkamp (USAF, Ret.) and Capt. Jampoler (USN, Ret.) on 31 January 2003 when they told their story at the annual "Tales of The 55th" event. Click on the following links for PP slide in jpg format: 12345678

Another source of information related to this accident / rescue is a book written by Andrew C. A. Jampoler. The title is "Adak: The Rescue of Alfa Foxtrot 586". Click Here for Andrew's book on

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