Kristi (Meissner) Nay - Daughter
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~ My Daily Walk ~

Alone with HIM,
I lose my sin,

Filled with HIM,
I begin again.

Walking with HIM
I strive to win

And peace within,

Lose sight of HIM
I sin again,

But alone with HIM
I lose my sin...

(Written by Rudy on Shemya, 1969.)

~ Temptation ~

Temptation like an ugly claw,
Stretches forth his evil flaw;
Ripping, tearing, pausing to lurk,
Grimly, swiftly, he begins to work.

Intent to spoil, with rotten breath,
And lead the soul to certain death.
Satan vies with the Master Power
To make earth's children bow and cower.

Deceitfully dressed: innocent robes of white,
Beneath the mask, weapons of the night,
His only rules, the foulest blow...
Given the stage, he steals the show.

The battle rages, strong and fierce;
Satan's darts the heart will pierce;
Desolate, twisted, erring ways:
At Satan's power, the heart dismays.

But, is there hope? Can we win?
Against temptation? Against sin?
Our own strength is much too small,
Alone...we're doomed to certain fall...

But in CHRIST, with faith our shield,
To Him only must we yield...
His righteousness our armor plate
Deflects the evil, breaks the weight;

His love transcends all human bounds,
His peace within the heart resounds!
His Words, and victory's flat unfurled...
"Fear not! I've overcome the world."

Kingdon R. Hawes (Webmaster)

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