Author Unknown  

Across this great United States
Shemya is the spot

Where we are doomed to spend our time
In the land that God forgot

So here among the dogs and rats
Where men have set their brew

Out in the middle of nowhere
A million miles from you

We sweat, we starve, we stink, and freeze
It's more than normal men can stand

We're not exactly convicts
Just defenders of our land

Way up north in the land of ice and snow
This island lies where I once had to go

Two by four, an airstrip, and a dock
A tiny place that we call "The Rock"

We belong to the United States Air Force
Earning our monthly pay

Guarding people with millions
For a measly $2.50 a day

We stay up here 12 long months
A sentence we all hate

And we only live for our return
To the lower "48"

Nobody knows we're here
Nobody gives a damn

We're just a bunch of flyboys
Who belong to Uncle Sam

But when we pass those Pearly Gates
We'll hear St. Peter yell

"Step up men of Shemya
You've spent your time in Hell"

~ Author Unknown ~

Kingdon R. Hawes (Webmaster)

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